Thailand in Moving Pictures

I took a trip to Thailand about 2 years ago. During that time I shot much of my trip on video. Having no video editing skills, I let the movies sit on my hard drive for months on end, telling myself, man I have got to get around to learning how to do some basic video editing. Well recent travel planning has reactivated that portion of my brain and I decided to do some footwork. After some research I found a software called Lightworks, a free, open-source video editing tool. I watched some tutorial videos and experimented a little bit. After 4 or 5 versions, I finally put together a video of my Thailand trip. It’s an okay video, probably not a great video. Hindsight being what it is, I wished I had taken more video or taken some shots in different ways. Nonetheless, I have made my video, uploaded it to YouTube and would like to share it with anyone who reads my blog; I hope you enjoy it. I did enjoy putting this video together and hopefully it will take me less than 2 years to put some more videos together of my other previous trips. If you get a chance, let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


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2 responses to “Thailand in Moving Pictures

  1. It was good to see your video, Scott. I am so impressed that you got to witness the railroad market! I have seen that in a youtube video and always loved it! Hope you’re doing well. Take care- Elmer

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