Paris and Copenhagen

Here is a brief bullet pointed list of our week in Paris (rented an apartment in St Martin) and the final 3 days in Copenhagen followed by some highlight photos. The full album can be seen by clicking here.

  • Monday
    • Caught the High Speed to Paris. This really was a high speed. I clocked it using an app on my phone at 186 mph!
    • Caught the Metro to our apartment. This was a smaller place but really cool, old creaky wooden floors, windows overlooking the Paris streets. I felt like a real Parisian.
    • Went grocery shopping in a small store with a tiny elevator
    • Had giant shell pastas for dinner with sauce
  • Tuesday
    • Walked to Notre Dame – both of our first times there. Another impressive European icon and a highlight of Gothic architecture, high (ok enormous) arched ceilings and are adorned with paintings
    • Visited the Eiffel tower. Went to the top, very smoggy but great view.
    • Had a nutella crepe and the most expensive cup of coffee ever (like 8 Euros for a cup).
    • Walked the Rue Cler – bought cheese with raisins on it
  • Wednesday
    • I stayed home sick (caught a horrible cough)
    • Patty went to the Louvre
      • It was a short 20 minute walk from our flat.  When I got there, I found the end of a decently-long line.  The museum attendant at the end of the line indicated that I would need to have a ticket to be in this line and instructed me to go and stand in a much longer line further into the square.  When I got to the end of that line, the museum attendant indicated that I was still in the wrong long and pointed in the direction of the line I was meant to go stand in.  I found the line… and then walked and walked and walked and walked to the end of it at which point I was met with a sign that read, “Approximately 1 hour wait from this point”.  So, I plugged in my headphones and listened to an hour of Ted talks while I waited in line for the Louvre.
      • Museum is HUGE!  There are three wings, each of which could be explored for multiple days.  Highlights include some Egyptian statues and artwork, Roman statues including the Venus de Milo, Napoleon’s extravagantly furnished apartments, frescos and artwork from the Middle Ages, and artwork from the Renaissance, including of course the Mona Lisa.
  • Thursday
    • Did a homemade Paris walking tour, from the apartment to the Arc de Triumphe – about 6.5 miles.
    • First stop: church with the supposed remains of the Crown of Thornes but too expensive to get in so we kept on a-walking
    • Second stop: Napoleon’s Tomb. We technically saw it as we walked in but they said we needed tickets. They were about $20 ea so we passed on that as well
    • Third stop: Rodin Museum with a statue of The Thinker. We paid only for the garden which had many of Rodin’s statues
      • Scott plans to hang a photo of the Thinker over his toilet when he gets back because, well, he does some of his best thinking there.
    • Diverted to walk over the Pont Alexandre bridge with it’s beautiful golden columns
    • Then down the Champs d’elysee, stopping at Laudree to sample some of the famous macaroons
    • Finally arriving at the Arc De Triumph
    • Found out in the news that air pollution in Paris was at record highs, even rivaling the air quality in China
  • Friday
    • Visited Versailles- took the train
      • Best surprise: due to the intense pollution, all of the public transportation was FREE!
    • Stopped by McDonalds to get a coffee. Turns out Mickie D’s is about the only place to get a cheap-ish cup of coffee in Paris. Also had a croissant and, I had to say this is true, it may have been the best croissant I had in Paris.
  • Saturday
    • Flew to Copenhagen
    • Found out that everything is really really expensive here! $10 for a slice of pizza, $15 for a bowl of chili in a pub. Everything (seriously everything) was about twice as expensive in Copenhagen as it is in the states.
    • Went grocery shopping at a local market.
    • Had some Italian take-out for dinner and just chilled out
  • Sunday
    • Walked around Copenhagen, watched a movie
    • Had to find a charger for Scott’s phone, but in doing so, we actually explored a lot of Copenhagen!  Too bad it was raining most of the time. We ended up walking down the “Walking Street”, evidently they don’t come any longer (theirs is the biggest as they like to tell everyone).
  • Monday
    •  Did a walking tour of Copenhagen, saw the Little Mermaid (first thought, why does THIS statue get so much attention). Walked through the fortress and down to the capital area where we saw the Danish guards in their dress rivaling that of the British guard.
    • Scott was really sick coughing non stop. Probably the black plague. No fun being sick abroad.
  • Tuesday
    • Headed home baby! 10.5 hours for Scott (Copenhagen to LAX non stop); 18 for Patty (Copenhagen to London to LAX to Reno).
    • Scott hit the urgent care who diagnosed him with a long term sinus infection. Super powerful antibiotics and some rest was what the doctor ordered (Update: Cured within 2 days of arriving home!)

My phones GPS captured the train doing 188 MPH!!!

An angel’s shadow in Notre Dame

The mighty Notre Dame. Gothic architecture at its finest

Found something sticking out of Patty’s head

The Arc de Triumph through the smog

I “think” there’s something worth seeing around here

Yes, kitschy has no bounds with the Capistrants

Perfectly trimmed trees at Versailles

Scott standing in front of a giant church door and pipe organ

Painting with light at the Louvre

The Eiffel Tower lit up at night

Windmill and cannon in the fort in Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid

Guards in Copenhagen

Bright houses on the water in Copenhagen

They always say European portions are too small…

They’re right!


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