Los Penasquitos Trail Run

Los Penasquitos Trail

Part of the trail on Los Penasquitos

Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail

Distance: ~12 miles

Type: Loop/Out-n-back (trail on either side of creek with  numerous crossing points)

Though not my first time on this trail (I mountain biked part of it last summer), this was my first run in Los Penasquitos (aka Lotsa Mosquitoes) . I started out on the western parking lot just next to the 8/805 split and ran east. I turned around at the eastern parking lot by black mountain road. This was also my first use of the MapMyRun app. And though the app logs me at 14.5 miles, my Garmin logged me at just shy of 12.

The trail was mostly flat though there were a few good hills. The trail is really mostly fire road, trees densely cover the creek but are scant around the trails which parallel it on both sides. One thing I love about the canyons around San Diego is that they do a good job at separating you from the urban area, giving you a feeling of being further away from society than you realy are. There were a few sections covered in river rocker which is my least favorite thing to run on. Halfway between the two parking lots there is a “waterfall”. It wasn’t much of a waterfall, more of a 5 foot trickle of water between some rocks.

Overall I give this trail a 7.
Positives: longer trail to for your long runs, not too crowded.
Negatives: river rock, road rather than trail, a bit boring.


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